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Free Shipping On All Custom Rubber Stamps!
Free Shipping On All Custom Rubber Stamps!

2" x 2" Engraved Name Badge

Beveled Edges

Badge Size: 2”w x 2”t

Backing Options:

  • None
  • Pin
  • Magnet

 Name badges can be done on a variety of engravable plastics, all of which are different color combinations. These plastics have a thin layer of 1 color on the face and a thicker layer of a different color on the back. The plastic is then engraved so that the top layer is removed.

The colors are options are formatted as Main Color/Text Color. Meaning if you pick “Black/White” the name tag will be black and the text will be white.

Name badges are great for businesses and events with multiple people working, letting people know their names without having to ask.