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Free Shipping On All Custom Rubber Stamps!
Free Shipping On All Custom Rubber Stamps!

For Deposit Only Stamp - 5 Lines


Stamp Imprint Size: 7/8" x 2-3/8"

Model Number: 4913

This stamp is used on the back of checks in the endorsement area. This will save you so much time by not having to write out your information every single time!

This is a self inking stamp meaning that all you have to do is press down and your stamp will do the rest.

This stamp is made using the Trodat Printy series.
The Trodat Printy series is known for its reliability, clean impressions, as well as its eco-friendly inks and cases.

Stamps are a great way to streamline your processes and save you time. Instead of writing your message out over and over again, just stamp your message down. From addresses to notes, a custom stamp is sure to save you a ton of time!